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What is Neurotechnology?

Neurotechnology is a global industry supported by companies and cutting-edge research in the US, Europe and Asia, including over 800 public and private organizations researching, developing and manufacturing treatments for the nearly 2 billion people suffering form a neurological disease or psychiatric illness.

A multidisciplinary field, neurotechnology integrates drugs, medical devices, biologies, cell-based therapeutics, and diagnostics for the brain and nervous system.




One in five Americans suffers from a neurological disease.  Epilepsy alone affects four to six million Americans. Many neurological diseases are usually diagnosed in their advanced stages, and treatments tend to be palliative rather than curative, leaving patients debilitated for years. One in three epileptic patients continues to have seizures, which may be fatal or cause serious disability.

New engineering techniques that if coupled to recent discoveries in neuroscience, could dramatically improve patient quality of life.  Potential benefits include reversing or ameliorating a variety of neurological diseases and making earlier diagnosis possible.

CIMIT’s Neurotechnology Program is focused on developing novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment that integrate the expanding field of neuroscience with the rapidly evolving technology of engineering.

Watch Video: CIMIT Neurotechnology Program,
Closed-Loop Seizure Detection & Treatment System

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FY 2011 - 2008 Neurotechnology Projects
2011 William Anderson Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Memory Alteration through Theta Phase-Locked Electrical Stimulation
2011 Emilio Bizzi Massachusetts
Institute of
A Fully Autonomous Brain-Body Interface for Patients with Neuromuscular Injury or Disease
2011 John Guttag, PhD Massachusetts
Institute of
A Novel Algorithm to Detect the End of a Seizure and the Post-Seizure Period
2011 Shalesh Kaushal University of Massachusetts Medical School Low Energy Laser as a Therapeutic for Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration
2011 Yong-Tae Lee Harvard University Improving Recovery after Stroke via Electrical Stimulation of Proprioceptors
2011 Alexander Lin Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Neurochemical and Multimodal Biomarkers for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
2011 Lauren O'Donnell Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Diagnosis of diffuse axonal injury using robust tract-based quantification of diffusion tensor imaging
2011 Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Noninvasive, Physiologic Characterization of Cortical Plasticity After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Humans-392
2011 Alexander Rotenberg Children’s Hospital
A novel application of intranasal Huperzine A in treatment of traumatic brain injury
2011 Peter Warnke Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Physiologically-guided stereotactic radiosurgery in MTLE
2010 Bryan McLaughlin, PhD Charles Stark Draper Laboratory An implantable, wireless electrode derivation for chronic EEG recording in epilepsy
2010 Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD, MPH Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Closed loop, detect-and-treat systems for epilepsy
2009 Peter Bergethon, PhD Boston University Multi-Optode Probe for Evaluation of Diabetic Neuropathy
2009 Sydney Cash, MD, PhD Children’s Hospital
Microelectrode Recordings and Advanced Algorithms for Seizure Prediction
2009 Chun Lim, MD, PhD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Augmented reality glasses for the treatment of visuospatial neglect
2009 Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Near-infrared photobiostimulation as a means of neuromodulation in stroke
2009 Gottfried Schlaug, MD, PhD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
TDCS - Stroke Recovery
2008 Riccardo Barbieri, MD Massachusetts
General Hospital
A computational tool based on heart beat dynamics to predict apnea episodes in premature infants under vibro-tactile stimulation
2008 Paolo Bonato, PhD Spaulding
Enhancing Parkinson’s Control Therapy by Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus via Measures of Motor Response
2008 Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Anticonvulsive and Antiepileptic Properties of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) in an Animal Seizure Model
2008 Alexandra Golby, MD Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Intracranial Electrophysiology System for the Intraoperative MRI
2008 Joseph Madsen, MD Children’s Hospital
A Device for Quantification of the Ballistocardiogram (BCG) as a Non-Invasive Measure of Intracranial Dynamics
2008 Nobuyuki Nakajima, MD Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Real-time electromagnetic navigation for flexible-neuroendoscopy
2008 Trudy Pang, MD Massachusetts
Institute of
Initial Clinical Implementation of a Novel, Non-Invasive, Patient-Specific Electrographic Seizure Detection System with Two Outputs: An audible alarm and energized electromagnets for activation of vagus nerve stimulation
2008 Seward Rutkove, MD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Refinement and Application of an Electrical Impedance Probe for Neuromuscular Assessment
2008 Robert Joseph Thomas, MD Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical
Cervical Direct Current Carotid Body Stimulation - Preliminary evaluation of a novel method to modulate carotid chemoreflex function for treatment of central and complex sleep apnea
2008 Simon Warfield, PhD Children’s Hospital
Bayesian Source Imaging of Pediatric Epilepsy
2008 Jonathan Winograd, MD Massachusetts
General Hospital
Design of an Autonomous Brain-Body
Interface in the Spinal Cord-Injured Patient
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Recent Publications by CIMIT Investigators
Franceschini, M. A.; Thaker,
S.; Themelis, G.; Krishnamoorthy,
K. K.; Bortfeld,
H.; Diamond, S. G.; Boas,
D. A.; Arvin, K.; Grant, P. E.
Pediatric Res. 61 (5 Pt
1): 546-51
Assessment of Infant Brain Development
with Frequency-Domain
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Neurotechnology at the CIMIT Forum
and Past Events
Forum Jan. 13, 2009 Ed Boyden, PhD:
Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, Benesse Career Development Prof. of Research in Education, MIT Media Lab 

Dan Hoch, MD:
Neurologist, MGH; Assistant Professor, HMS
Optical Brain Control: Analyzing and Engineering Normal and Pathological Neural Circuit Dynamics

Providing Real Care in a Virtual Environment: The Challenges and Potential of Clinical Practice in a Virtual World

Forum Oct. 14, 2008

Robert Ajemian, PhD:
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laboratory of Emilio Bizzi, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT

Jonathan Winograd, MD: Assistant Professor of Surgery, HMS, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MGH

Leigh R. Hochberg, MD, PhD: Associate Professor of Engineering, Brown University; Instructor in Neurology, HMS; Stroke and Neurocritical Care Services, Department of Neurology, MGH, BWH, and Spaulding Rehabilitation, HMS; Rehabilitation Research & Development Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, Providence VAMC

Brain-Machine Interface or Brain-Body Interface? How to Best Exploit the Remarkable Adaptive Competence of the Brain: Presentation One


Presentation Two



Neural Interface Systems: Turning Thought into Action

Unraveling the Brain in Trauma and in Health
Sept. 16, 2008

Marilyn F. Kraus, MD; Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

Van Wedeen, MD; MGH

The Role of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Traumatic Brain Injury

Mapping Brain Connectivity with Diffusion MRI

The Future of Neurotechnology
May 6, 2008

Zack Lynch, Executive Director, Neurotechnology Industry Organization

Steven Schiff, MD, PhD, Penn State

The Neurotechnology Industry: 2008 and Beyond

Towards Model Based Control of Epileptic Seizures

Forum: Stroke Prevention and Therapy Apr. 15, 2008

Michael H. Lev, MD: MGH

Javier Romero, MD: MGH

Patient Selection for Novel Stroke Therapy Using
Advance Imaging

New Perspectives in the Imaging of Carotid Artery Plaque

Forum: Experts
Discuss Biological
Electronics and
Oct. 23,
Luke Theogarajan, PhD; MIT

Timothy Swager, PhD; MIT
Biological Electronics
and Sensors for Medical

• Electronic and Ionic
Neural Interfaces

• Electronic Polymers in

CIMIT Summer Education Series 2007


Jul. 31,
John Gabrieli, PhD; MIT

Gottfried Schlaug, MD, PhD; BIDMC,

Charles Jennings, PhD; McGovern
Institue for Brain Research, MIT

Steven Schachter, MD; HMS, BIDMC

Neurotechnology: Translating Basic Discoveries into
Clinical Promise

• Functional MRI and
Clinical Applications

CIMIT Summer Education Series 2007 Jul. 24,
Emilio Bizzi, MD, PhD; McGovern
Institute for Brain Research, MIT

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD;

Charles Jennings, PhD; McGovern
Institute for Brain Research, MIT

Steven Schachter, MD, HMS, BIDMC

Neurotechnology: Translating Basic Discoveries into
Clinical Promise

• Neural Control of Movement and Applications for Stroke

CIMIT Summer Education Series 2007 Jul. 17,
Steve Schachter, MD; BIDMC, HMS

John Guttag, PhD; MIT

Charles Jennings, PhD; MIT, McGovern
Institute of Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology: Translating Basic Discoveries into
Clinical Promise

• Decoding Cortical
Electrophysiology for the
Detection of Seizures

CIMIT Summer Education Series 2007 Jul. 10,
Christopher Moore, PhD; MIT

Leigh Hochberg, MD, PhD; Brown
University, VA, HMS, MGH

Neurotechnology: Translating Basic Discoveries into
Clinical Promise

• Deciphering Cortical
Electrophysiological Signals
and their Applications
for Brain-Body Interfaces

Neurotechnology News
Depression in Epilepsy Linked to Unexplained Pain, Brain Trauma Internal Medicine News Oct. 29, 2010
A new medical relationship: Physicians, healers, botanicals Jan. 3, 2010
Brain Zap Improves Dexterity Live Science Oct. 29, 2008
Preemptive Treatment of Seizures by
Med Gadget: Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies Sep. 5,
Epilepsy Breakthrough on Horizon MIT News Office Aug. 31,

Video: CIMIT Neurotechnology Program, Closed-Loop Seizure Detection &
Treatment System



Steven Schachter, MDProgram Leader

Steven Schachter, MD

• Chief Academic Officer, CIMIT
• Program Leader, Neurotechnology


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