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Image Guided Therapy


Imaging techniques like X-ray and MRI are invaluable for treating a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. The challenge remains to shorten the lapse of time between image acquisition and procedure. Patient preference for minimally invasive surgery makes real-time imaging information vital.

Image Guided Therapy (IGT) techniques help improve therapeutic outcomes. By providing precise ways to "visualize" intra-procedural anatomical changes in real time, IGT helps clarify a surgeon's understanding of the patients' anatomy and enables minimally invasive procedures to be performed inside solid organs. Guided by real-time imaging, surgeons can make decisions based on accurate data-sometimes the crucial difference between life and death.

CIMIT's Image Guided Therapy Program is focused on providing precise high-resolution, three-dimensional ways to "visualize" intra-procedural changes in real time, allowing minimally invasive surgery to be performed on solid organs that would otherwise require traditional surgical procedures.

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FY 2011 - 2008
Image Guided Therapy Projects
2011 Nathalie Agar Brigham and Women’s Hospital Intraoperative Stereotactic Molecular Imaging of Tumor Boundaries by Mass Spectrometry
2011 Dianne Sacco Massachusetts General Hospital Advanced Ureteroscope Navigation System for Calculi Removal
2011 Junichi Tokuda Brigham and Women’s Hospital Robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy guided by patient-specific models
2010 Alexandra Golby, MD Brigham and Women’s Hospital A hybrid optic-electromagnetic surgical tooltip tracking system for neurosurgery
2010 Stefan Tullius, MD, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital A system to measure continuous flow and perfusion to ensure successful kidney transplation
2010 Seung-Schik Yoo, PhD, MBA Brigham and Women’s Hospital Direct functional brain mapping using image-guided focused ultrasound
2009 Gerald Denis, PhD Boston University Ultrasound-directed delivery of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs
2009 Fiona Fennessy, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Computer-assisted tumor blood vessel tortuosity analysis at 3T, as a method of assessing ablative therapy response
2009 Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center The effect of transcranial direct current stimulation combined with arm training using glove-ArMEO robotic device on motor recovery in traumatic brain injury survivors
2009 - 2008 Nobuhiko Hata, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Swimming Capsule Endoscope for Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Intestine
2008 Yolonda Colson, MD, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Validation of Imaging System for Near-Infrared Image Guided Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection in Lung Cancer
2008 Homer Pien, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital A Multidisciplinary Approach to Improving Perfusion Imaging
Recent Publications by CIMIT Investigators
Stylopoulos N, Vosburgh KG Surg Innov. 14(2):113-21 Assessing technical skill in surgery and endoscopy: a set of metrics and an algorithm (C-PASS) to assess skills in surgical and endoscopic procedures. 2007
Vosburgh KG, Stylopoulos N, Estepar RS, Ellis RE, Samset E, Thompson CC Gastrointest Endosc. 2007 May; 5(6):866-70 EUS with CT improves efficiency and structure identification over conventional EUS 2007
Dimaio, S., Kapur, T., Cleary, K., Aylward, S., Kazanzides, P., Vosburgh, K., Ellis, R., Duncan, J., Farahani, K., Lemke, H., Peters, T., Lorensen, W. B., Gobbi, D., Haller, J., Clarke, L. L., Pizer, S., Taylor, R., Galloway, Jr., R., Fichtinger, G., Hata, N., Lawson, K., Tempany, C., Kikinis, R., Jolesz, F. Neuroimage 37 Suppl 1:S144-51 Challenges in Image Guided Therapy System Design 2007
Estepar, R. S., Stylopoulos, N., Ellis, R., Samset, E., Westin, C. F., Thompson, C., Vosburgh, K. Comput Aided Surg 12 (6):311-24 An Endoscopic Ultrasound Navigation System for Transgastric Access Procedures 2007
Hoshino, K., Ly, H. Q., Frangioni, J. V., Hajjar, R. J. Prog Cardiovasc Dis 49(6):414-20 In Vivo Tracking in Cardiac Stem Cell Based Therapy 2007
Krissian, K., Westin, C. F., Kikinis, R., Vosburgh, K. G. IEEE Trans Image Process 16(5):1412-20 Oriented Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion 2007
Parungo, C. P., Soybel, D. I., Colson, Y. L., Kim, S. W., Ohnishi, S., DeGrand, A. M., Laurence, R. G., Soltesz, E. G., Chen, F. Y., Cohn, L. H., Bawendi, M. G., Frangioni, J. V. Ann Surg Oncol 14(2):286-98 Lymphatic Drainage of the Peritoneal Space: A Pattern Dependent on Bowel Lymphatics 2007
Image Guided Therapy at the
CIMIT Forum and Past Events
Forum: Stroke Prevention and Therapy Apr. 15, 2008

Michael H. Lev, MD: MGH

Javier Romero, MD: MGH

Patient Selection for Novel Stroke Therapy Using
Advance Imaging

New Perspectives in the Imaging of Carotid Artery Plaque

Forum: Virtual Meets Reality in Image Guided Intervention Apr. 8, 2008

David Hawkes, PhD, FREng, FInstP, FIPEM: University College London and co-Founder, IXICO Ltd.

Polina Golland, PhD: MIT

• Integrating Models and Imaging to Guide Interventions

• Functional Hierarchy: Representation and Modeling of Spatial Patterns of Activation in fMRI

Forum: Imaging
Leads to
Improvement of
Medical Care
Oct. 2,
Gordon Harris, PhD; MGH, HMS

Leonard Kaban, DMD, MD; MGH, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
•3D Imaging in Radiology

•Bone Lengthening by
Distraction Osteogenesis
Forum: Developments in Computer Tomography (CT) Jan. 16, 2007 George Chen, PhD; MGH

Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD; MGH, HMS      
• Functional CT: Visualization of Dynamic Processes Using Computed Tomography

• Image Guided Radiotherapy of Moving Targets
Image Guided Therapy News

Disposable robot aims to guide way to biopsies

Mass High Tech May 1, 2009
Robopsy Takes Top Award at ASME Innovation Showcase Press Release Nov. 12, 2008
Dr. Vosburgh is PI of Research Team that Wins SBIR Award Press Release Oct. 8, 2008
Open Source Research Tool Digital Healthcare & Sep. 30, 2008
Endoscopes Push Imaging Boundaries: Dating Back Centuries, Endoscopy Takes Advantage of Today’s Cutting Edge Technologies Advanced Imaging Magazine July 8, 2008
He develops robotics to assist surgery Boston Globe May 7, 2007
Tiny Souped-Up Scope


Technology Review Oct. 20, 2006

CIMIT Video: Dr. Rajiv Gupta on Robopsy

Dr. Rajiv Gupta on Robopsy



Ferenc Jolesz, MDProgram Leaders

Ferenc Jolesz, MD

Co-Program Leader,
Image Guided Therapy

Ron Kikinis, MD

Ron Kikinis, MD

Co-Program Leader,
Image Guided Therapy


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