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Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering


Nearly one hundred thousand Americans are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Thirty thousand patients a year need a new kidney, and while treatments like dialysis can buy time, on average, one in four die before receiving a transplant. This severe organ shortage could be mitigated if a viable substitute for human tissue could be found.

Tissue engineering is a complex challenge.  An interdisciplinary field, innovations in tissue engineering seek to apply the principles of engineering and life sciences in the pursuit of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function.  

CIMIT’s Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Program is working to create “living replacement structures” for organs, areas of tissue, and neural repair.

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FY 2011 - 2008 Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Projects
2011 Colleen Channick Massachusetts General Hospital Creation of Amino Alcohol-Based Poly(ester amide) Elastomer Bioabsorbable Airway Stent
2010 - 2009 Yolonda Colson, MD, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Expansile Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery to Prevent Lymph Node Metastases in Breast Cancer
2010 Robert Redmond, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital A photo-activated nanofiber graft material for enhanced tendon repair
2009 David Kaplan, PhD Tufts University A Rapid Disposable Device for Early Detection of Sepsis
2009 Cathryn Sundback, ScD Massachusetts General Hospital Poly(glycerol sebacatge) film as barrier to formation of viscero-parietal peritoneal adhesions
2008 Timothy Bhattacharyya, MD Massachusetts General Hospital Fracture Free Stem Inserter for Total Hip Arthroplasty: Improving Patient Safety by Enhancing Surgeon Feedback
2008 Yolonda Colson, MD, PhD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Clinical Prototype for Intraoperative Aerosolized Nanoparticle Drug Delivery
2008 Mark Horenstein, PhD

Boston University Transdermal Injection of Nano Particles via Electrospray and Pulsed-Field Assist
2008 Jeffrey Karp, PhD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Intraoperative Programmable Autologous Stem Cell Therapy
2008 Richard Lee, MD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital A Novel Bio-Instructive Surface for Generating Osteoblastic Cells in the OR
Recent Publications by CIMIT Investigators
Borenstein, J. T., Weinberg, E. J., Orrick, B., Cheung, W., Sundback, C., Kaazempur-Mofrad, M. R., Vacanti, J. P.
Tissue Eng. (8):1837-44 Microfabrication of Three-Dimensional Engineered Scaffolds 2007
Ibusuki S, Halbesma GJ, Randolph MA, Redmond RW, Kochevar IE, Gill TJ Tissue Eng. 13(8):1995-2001 Photochemically cross-linked collagen gels as three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering. 2007
Kaufman JD, Song J, Klapperich CM
J Biomed Mater REs A. 81(3):611-23 Nanomechanical analysis of bone tissue engineering scaffolds 2007
Mesiha, M., Zurakowski, D., Soriano, J., Nielson, J. H., Zarins, B., Murray, M. M. Am J. Sports Medicine 35(1):81-91 Pathologic Characteristics of the Torn Human Meniscus 2007
Murray, M. M., Spindler, K. P., Abreu, E., Muller, J. A., Nedder, A., Kelly, M., Frino, J., Zurakowski, D., Valenza, M., Snyder, B. D., Connolly, S. A.
J. Orthop Res 25(8):81-91 Collagen-Platelet Rich Plasma Hydrogel Enhances Primary Repair of the Porcine Anterior Cruciate Ligament 2007
Murray, M. M., Spindler, K. P., Ballard, P., Welch, T. P., Zurakowski, D., Nanney, L. B.

J. Orthop Res 25(8):1007-17 Enhanced Histologic Repair in a Central Wound in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament with a Collagen-Platelet-Rich Plasma Scaffold 2007
Pliquett, U. F., Weaver, J. C. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 54(3): 526-8, 2007 Feasibility of an Electrode-Reservoir Device for Transdermal Drug Delivery by Noninvasive Skin Electroporation 2007
Shane Johnson, T., O’Neill, A. C., Motarjem, P. M., Amann, C., Nguyen, T., Randolph, M. A., WInograd, J. M., Kochevar, I. E., Redmond, R. W.
J Surg Res Photochemical Tissue Bonding: A Promising Technique for Peripheral Nerve Repair May 31, 2007
Shin, M., Abukawa, H., Troulis, M. J., Vacanti, J. P.

J Biomed Mater Res A Development of a Biodegradable Scaffold with Interconnected Pores by Heat Fusion and its Application to Bone Tissue Engineering 2007 (Epub ahead of print)
Spencer NJ, Cotanche DA, Klapperich CM.
Biomaterials. Peptide- and collagen-based hydrogel substrates for in vitro culture of chick cochleae. 2007 Nov 21; (Epub ahead of print)
Stahl JE, Vacanti JP, Gazelle S. Int J Technol Assess Health Care Summer;23(3):331-6, Assessing emerging technologies--the case of organ replacement technologies: volume, durability, cost. 2007
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering at the
CIMIT Forum and Past Events

MIT Enterprise Forum Medical Technology Innovation Series

May 14, 2009 Keynote: Joseph P. Vacanti, MD Tissue Engineering: Making Regenerative Medicine A Reality
Forum: Stem Cell Biology and Cell-Rolling Technique Mar 3, 2009

David Scadden, MD: Harvard University, MGH

Rohit Karnik, PhD: MIT

• Micro-Environmental Regulation of Stem Cells

• Nudging Cells Using Molecular Interactions: Towards Label-free Cell Rolling Separation

Forum: Bio-inspired Design and Fluidic Logic Sep. 30, 2008

Sangbae Kim, PhD: Harvard University

Manu Prakesh, PhD: MIT

Bio-Inspired Robot Design with Compliant Mechanism Fabrication

Fluidic Logic - Merging Chemistry and Computation with Microfluidics

Forum: Biomimicry and Regenerative Therapeutics Mar. 25, 2008

Jeffrey Karp, PhD: BWH

Robert Sackstein, MD, PhD: MGH, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

• Biomimicry - Nature as Model, Measure and Mentor

• Steering Stem Cells to Treat Osteoporosis

Forum: Nanotechnology Meets Cancer

Jan. 29, 2008

Shiladitya Sengupta, PhD: BWH, MIT

Raghu Kalluri, PhD: BIDMC

• Nanodevices For Cancer Therapy

• Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression and Metastasis

Forum: Biomarkers: Cutting Edge Indicators to Assess Health, Monitor Disease or Determine Responsiveness to Therapy Jan. 22, 2008

Robert Gerszten, MD: MGH

Homer Pien, PhD: MGH

• Metabolomic Approaches for Cardiovascular Biomarker Discovery

• Imaging Biomarkers: Uses, Misuses, Successes, and Failures

Forum: The Quest for a Wearable Kidney and Renal Assist Devices: Will Nanotechnology Make a Difference?

Jan. 15, 2008 Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD; HMS, BWH

Theodore Steinman, MD; HMS, BIDMC

Greg Erman, MBA; Entrepreneur, former CEO of Renalworks Medical Corp.

Jeffrey Borenstein, PhD; Draper Labs, CIMIT Site Miner
• The Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease

• Creating an Artificial Kidney

• Bringing a Wearable Kidney to Market

• Engineering an Artificial Kidney

Forum: Leading Researchers Discuss Personalized Medicine

Jun. 12, 2007 Janina Longtine, MD; BWH, HMS

Carolyn Mountford, D. Phil; BWH, HMS
• Molecular Diagnostics in Personalized Cancer Care

• Advanced Molecular Diagnostics and Imaging
Forum: Optimism about Microfabrication, Tissue-Engineered Heart Valves

Apr. 3, 2007 Ali Khademhosseini, PhD; BWH, HMS

John Mayer, Jr., MD; HMS, CHB
• Microengineering the Cellular Environment through the Interplay between Microfabrication and Biomaterials

• Current Progress toward a Tissue Engineered Heart Valve
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering News
Creating the Body’s Microenvironment to Grow Artificial Organs National Defense Magazine Mar. 2008
BioEngine: One Step Closer to Artificial Liver Device XConomy Sep. 20, 2007
A Step Toward Tissue-Engineered Heart Structures for Children Science Daily Sep. 20, 2007

Jeffrey Norenstein, PhDProgram Leaders

Jeffrey Borenstein, PhD

Co-Program Leader,
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering

Joseph Vacanti, MD

Joseph P. Vacanti, MD

Co-Program Leader,
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering

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