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CIMIT receives 195 Innovation Grants pre-proposals
Over 100 teams advance to the full proposal stage

In response to its annual call for applications, CIMIT received nearly 200 pre-proposals for funding in FY11; reflecting the many rich ideas throughout the consortium research community. One hundred six pre-proposals have been selected to advance to the final proposal review, from which 40 awards of $70,000 (direct cost) are expected to be made.

Each pre-proposal was evaluated and ranked by one or more CIMIT Program Leaders using the criteria set forth in the FY11 Request for Applications. Potential conflicts of interest were resolved by using other peer reviewers. The rankings were then merged in such a way that each application had equal chance of success.

More than one-half of those invited into the final round offer technology-based solutions capable of addressing the unique unsolved clinical problems in the gap areas between two or more of the current CIMIT program areas.  

Of the one hundred-plus pre-proposals invited to submit a final proposal, the portfolio of potential collaborations in 2011 include:

  • over one-third in the CIMIT NeuroCluster — projects in the areas of neurotechnologies, traumatic brain injury (TBI), neurotrauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and pain management; 
  • twenty percent of the total have potential to contribute to the CIMIT Grand Opportunity — a consortium-wide initiative to transform healthcare delivery systems and advance the integration of clinical care within all care environments. Many of these innovations offer multiple benefits: novel technology solutions to solve a clinical problem, an approach that leverages the power of information and/or device integration, and technologies with the potential to benefit soldiers and other patients in austere environments; and 
  • over one-half invited to compete in the final review process have direct relevance to improving care for wounded warriors. These novel innovations will improve care of the injured soldier on the battlefield, during evacuation and in other trauma care settings. Other projects are focused on the needs of veterans during rehabilitation and in managing chronic conditions.

All applicants have been notified of the review decisions. Due on March 31, 2010, full proposals are only being accepted from those whose pre-proposals have been approved and who have been invited to submit a full proposal.

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