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CIMIT Accelerator Grants

Quick Facts

Objective: Grants that support technological innovations that have a reasonable chance of being handed off to industry within 12 to 18 months.

Eligibility: Projects with working prototypes, identified customers who are "ready to buy" and a complete business plan that is fundable by outside parties (be they investors, established businesses or licenses).

Status: Grant applications by invitation.


The CIMIT Accelerator grants are focused on innovations that have a reasonable chance of being handed off to industry within 12 to 18 months. This is a relatively short time, so the Accelerator team works very closely with the project teams to not only advance the technology, but also to develop and execute a complete strategy for getting the solution to into practice. This includes determining the best way to spin our the technology (licensing, creating a new company, etc.), and conducting market, competitive, financial and intellectual property analyses.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

To be eligible for Accelerator support, candidates must complete an Impact Plan and the project champion/principle investigators must be willing to accept heavy facilitation from CIMIT.

Projects are scored based on several criteria including patient impact, market size, IP position, competitive position, exit strategy, customer validation and customer ROI. The review committee includes Dr. John Parrish, Dr. John Collins, Michael K. Dempsey, Frances Toneguzzo and project specific domain experts.

If a project is selected for Accelerator support, the Impact Plan becomes a living document. Each quarter the evaluation team meets to review the evolution of the Impact Plan and predefined goals. As the project progresses though the acceleration process, the Impact Plan becomes a complete business plan that can be used to raise outside funding in-line with a defined exit strategy.

Accelerator Program Contact

For questions about the Accelerator Program, please email Michael K. Dempsey, CIMIT's Entrepreneur in Residence and Accelerator Program Leader.

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Michael K. Dempsey
CIMIT Entrepreneur in Residence
and Accelerator Program Leader




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