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Closed Circuit Xenon Rebreather


Harvey Mudd College / CIMIT Student Team: Jin-Soo Jo, Raquel Robinson, Bryan Teague, Matthew Phillips, and Allison Russell, Junior and Senior Engineering Majors; Patrick Little, PhD, Faculty Advisor, J. Stanley and Mary Wig Johnson Professor of Engineering Management and Director, Engineering Clinic Program, Harvey Mudd

Harvey Mudd College 2010

Jussi SaukkonenMODERATOR:
Jussi Saukkonen, MD, Director of the Pulmonary Clinics, West Roxbury Veterans Hospital; Academic Appointment, Boston University Medical Center; Associate Program Leader, Inhalation Technology, CIMIT

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Forum Abstract

CIMIT sponsors an undergraduate team in Harvey Mudd College Engineering Clinic program to complete a conceptual design project related to the management of combat trauma. Recent projects include novel implementation of triage algorithms, water purification, a portable cooling systems for reducing metabolic load at injury sites, and a self-optimizing, closed-loop, medical ventilator.
The 2010 Harvey Mudd College CIMIT team aimed to develop a closed circuit rebreathing system to deliver Xenon gas, in a controlled manner, as a neuro-protectant. This circuit will be used to treat individuals who have experienced varying degrees of brain trauma. Upon completion, the prototype will move directly to animal testing. If this testing phase is successful, the device will be implemented as medical technology with both pre-hosptial and emergency room applications. The ultimate hope is that this technology will help save lives on the battle field.


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