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MGH Ambulatory Practice of the Future: Concept and Design



David Judge, MD
Medical Director, MGH Ambulatory Practice of the Future; CIMIT Co-program Leader, Clinical Systems Innovation; Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Assistant Medical Director, Bulfinch Medical Group at MGH

Ron Newbower, PhD
Chief Technology Officer and Strategic Director, CIMIT

Forum Abstract

To move beyond the current fragmentation and inefficiency of our healthcare system will require more than just innovation in technology alone.  It will require fundamental redesign of the processes of care. Technology can be a powerful enabler for those willing to tackle this redesign challenge -- but success will depend on true partnerships between innovative clinicians, administrators, payers, and technologists. 

The Ambulatory Practice of the Future (APF), recently launched at the MGH, is an exciting example of what can be done with a commitment from all parties to design afresh. It is not only a functioning living practice with a large panel of patients, but it is a laboratory for learning and further innovation. The participants in this venture will describe the strategies they used to achieve a successful launch, and their plans to build on that platform to deliver improved experiences and outcomes for their patients. 

Their work can be a model for redesign of other processes of care delivery in settings of varied acuity.  Without this sort of innovation, there will be no way to maintain quality in our healthcare system while containing its burgeoning cost.  The essentials for success will be laid out in this CIMIT Forum, and a call to action issued for those interested in participating and even partnering in the work of the future. 

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