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Founding Consortium Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1861 as a “teaching laboratory,” to couple teaching and research and focus on real-world problems. This mission has provided a setting for one of the most respected technology transfer programs in the country, as well as many research units that focus on interdisciplinary research.

MIT is one of the four institutions that came together in 1998 to found CIMIT. In addition to the CIMIT-funded projects MIT researchers have pursued, CIMIT and MIT have been working together to provide meaningful training in medical device development for graduate students in the MIT 2.75 class.

In addition to general CIMIT grants, MIT graduate students in engineering are eligible for the CIMIT/MIT Fellowship.

MIT White Paper: The Convergence of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering
The Third Revolution:
The Convergence of the Life Sciences,
Physical Sciences, and Engineering



Recent CIMIT-Funded Projects Awarded
to MIT Investigators

2012 Herr, Hugh Neural Interface Technology for Control of Advanced Lower Extremity Prostheses Neurotechnology
2011 Bizzi, Emilio A Fully Autonomous Brain-Body Interface for Patients with Neuromuscular Injury or Disease NeuroHealth
2011 Edelman, Elazer R. Multi-Parameter Assay For Modulating Thrombotic Therapy New Initiatives
2011 Guttag, John, PhD A Novel Algorithm to Detect the End of a Seizure and the Post-Seizure Period Neurotechnology
2010 Edelman, Elazer, MD, PhD Tissue engineering therapies for inhalation injury Inhalation Technology
2011 Moss, Frank Collaborative Virtual Rehabilitation Interface with Home Treatment Integration Clinical Systems Innovation / Integrated Clinical Environment
2008 Demirci, Utkan, PhD Interdigitated Electrodes for Disposable HIV Diagnostics New Initiatives
2008 Pang, Trudy, MD Initial Clinical Implementation of a Novel, Non-Invasive, Patient-Specific Electrographic Seizure Detection System with Two Outputs: An Audible Alarm and Energized Electromagnets for Activation of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Neurotechnology


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$150,000 Engineering Prize awarded to CollaboRhythm Team.

CIMIT Prize competition recognizes student research using novel technologies to address major diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in primary healthcare.

The 2009 CIMIT Prizes have been awarded to student teams at four universities: University of California, Berkeley; Columbia University; MIT and Princeton. The four winning projects were selected from the ten finalists chosen last February from a field of 78 proposals.

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