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Founding Consortium Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is the oldest and largest hospital in New England, and also conducts the largest hospital-based research program in the country. It was one of the two founders of Partners HealthCare.

MGH is one of the four founding members of CIMIT. Since 1998, MGH researchers have worked on hundreds of CIMIT projects in all of CIMIT’s program areas, especially the creation of training devices and techniques in the Simulation program and the development of the Operating Room of the Future at MGH. Currently, the CIMIT Strategic Project in Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery is being led by David Rattner, Chief of Surgery at MGH.


Recent CIMIT-Funded Projects Awarded to Massachusetts General Investigators

2012 Hasan, Tayyaba Rapid Fluorescence-based Determination of Antibiotic Susceptibility POCTRN in Primary Care
2012 Nadkarni, Seemantini Optical-based Blood Coagulation Profiling Device POCTRN in Primary Care
2012 Tearney, Gary Optical Device for Otitis Media Diagnosis POCTRN in Primary Care
2012 Kang, Dongkyun Comprehensive Microscopy for Intraoperative Margin Assessment Optical Diagnostics Program
2012 Lev, Michael H. EIS as an "EKG for the Brain": Portable Point-of-Care Detection of Acute Traumatic Hematoma Neurotechnology
2012 Whalen, Michael Low Level Light Therapy to Reduce Cognitive Deficits and PTSD After Repeated Concussive Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice Traumatic Brain Injury
2012 Hooper, David Integrating Clinical Systems to Identify MRSA-Colonized Patients in the Outpatient Setting with Rapid Detection Methods Integrated Clinical Environments
2012 Levine, Wilton Blood Ordering and Transfusion Safety System Clinical Systems Innovation
2012 Ottensmeyer, Mark Low Cost, Modular Enhancements for Mannequin-Based Medical Simulators Simulation
2012 Hacking, Adam Focused Ultrasound Fasciotomy to treat Extremity Compartment Syndrome (PI was Vrahas) Trauma and Casualty Care
2012 Goldman, Julian Improving Continuity of Care for Veterans by Electronically Exchanging MGH, VA, and DoD Medical Record Data Integrated Clinical Environments
2011 Armoundas, Antonis, PhD Advanced Pacing Methods for Preventing Life Threatening Arrhythmias Cardiovascular Disease
2011 Channick, Colleen Creation of Amino Alcohol-Based Poly(ester amide) Elastomer Bioabsorbable Airway Stent Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
2011 Goldman, Julian PCA Monitoring Safety Interlock to Decrease Adverse Clinical Events Clinical Systems Innovation / Integrated Clinical Environment
2011 Judge, David, MD Implementation of a Hypertension Remote Monitoring Toolkit in a Primary Care Team-Based Practice Clinical Systems Innovation
2011 Harris, N. Stuart, MD Novel Neuroimaging in Acute Mountain Sickness New Initiatives
2011 Harris, R. Scott Enhanced inhalation therapy for emphysema Inhalation Technology
2011 Hoge, Elizabeth, MD The Effect of Oxytocin on Fear Memory Consolidation: A Novel Intervention to Prevent PTSD Traumatic Stress Disorders
2011 Redmond, Robert Preventing Leakage from Colon Anastomosis Sites Trauma & Casualty Care
2011 Sacco, Dianne Advanced Ureteroscope Navigation System for Calculi Removal Image Guided Therapy
2010 - 2009 Levine, Robert A., MD Operating on the Heart from Within -- A Minimally Invasive Approach to Mitral Valve Disease Cardiovascular Disease
2010 Neumann, Paul, PhD Eye trauma simulator Simulation
2010 Poznansky, Mark, MD, PhD A cutaneous laser system for augmenting the immunogenicity of HIV vaccines New Initiatives
2010 - 2008 David Rattner Strategic Project on Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery
2010 Redmond, Robert, PhD A photo-activated nanofiber graft material for enhanced tendon repair Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
2010 Spector, Jonathan, MD, MPH Resuscitation technology for saving newborn lives Global Health Initiative
2010 - 2009 Toner, Mehmet, PhD A Label-Free Viral Detection Microchip for Point-of-Care Applications Biodetection & Sepsis Control
2010 Vakoc, Benjamin, PhD An image-guided laser therapy catheter for Barrett’s esophagus Optical Diagnostics
2010 Yun, Seok, PhD Dynamic cross sectional and functional imaging of vocal folds (4D laryngoscopy) Optical Diagnostics
2009 Cash, Sydney, MD, PhD Microelectrode Recordings and Advanced Algorithms for Seizure Prediction Neurotechnology
2009 Dixon, Ronald, MD Healthcare 360: A Technology-Enabled Model for General Medical Care Clinical Systems Innovation
2009 Hamblin, Michael, PhD Transcranial NIR Light for Traumatic Brain Injury Trauma & Casualty Care
2009 Hung, Judy, MD, PhD Polymer Injection for Treatment of Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation Cardiovascular Disease
2009 Lin, Charles, PhD Label-free Detection and Quantification of Circulating Leukocytes by in vivo Flow Cytometry Optical Diagnostics
2009 Manstein, Dieter, MD Non-Invasive Measurement of Intraepidermal Nerve Density Optical Diagnostics
2009 Newbower, Ronald, PhD Handwashing Compliance Reminder and Documentation Clinical Systems Innovation
2009 Sheridan, Rob, MD Magnetic Endotracheal Tube Imaging Device New Initiatives
2009 Sundback, Cathryn, ScD Poly(glycerol sebacatge) Film as Barrier to Formation of Viscero-Parietal Peritoneal Adhesions Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
2009 Tearney, Guillermo, MD, PhD Integrated OFDI-Fluorescence Catheter for Imaging of Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Disease
2009 Yun, Seok, PhD Novel Ocular Biomechanical Analysis Optical Diagnostics
2008 Barbieri, Riccardo, MD A Computational Tool Based on Heart Beat Dynamics to Predict Apnea Episodes in Premature Infants under Vibro-tactile Stimulation Neurotechnology
2008 Bhattacharyya, Timothy, MD FractureFree Stem Inserter for Total Hip Arthroplasty: Improving Patient Safety by Enhancing Surgeon Feedback Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
2008 Dzik, Walter H., MD RFID for prevention of bedside errors Clinical Systems Innovation
2008 Goldman, Julian M., MD Medical Device Mobile Plug-and-Play Platform (MD MP3) for Medication Safety Clinical Systems Innovation
2008 Judge, David, MD Designing the Ambulatory Practice of the Future Systems Integration Hub Clinical Systems Innovation
2008 Masiakos, Peter T., MD Development of an Endoscopic Fiberoptic Device and Biodegradable Scaffolds for Minimally Invasive Closure of Tracheoesophageal Fistulas Minimally invasive Surgery
2008 Neumann, Paul F., MD Integrating Intelligent Tutoring into Simulation Simulation
2008 Ottensmeyer, Mark P., PhD Multi-Axial Multi-Instrument Tracking System for Endovascular Interventional Radiology Simulator Simulation
2008 Pien, Homer, PhD A Multidisciplinary Approach to Improving Perfusion Imaging Image Guided Therapy
2008 Winograd, Jonathan M., MD Design of an Autonomous Brain-Body Interface in the Spinal Cord-Injured Patient Neurotechnology


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Dr. Peter Slavin


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Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD Site Miner

Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD

Site Miner,
Massachusetts General Hospital

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Site Miners are unique to the CIMIT network.  They seek out, encourage and engage emerging innovators who show a passion for transforming patient care through technology.

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