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Consortium Institution: Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School was founded in 1782 and was instrumental in the founding of Massachusetts General Hospital in 1811. In addition to providing medical education in the classroom and at its teaching affiliates around Boston, Harvard Medical School provides a community for its faculty and students to research ways to alleviate and end human disease.

CIMIT became a center at Harvard Medical School in 2003. Harvard Medical School’s expertise in fields like Neurology and Ambulatory Care have proved invaluable for CIMIT’s programs in Neurotechnology and Clinical Systems Innovation. Harvard Medical School’s departments in many of CIMIT’s Consortium Institutions provide another way for CIMIT to work to establish connections between Boston-area institutions and among different clinical specialties.

Recent CIMIT-Funded Projects Awarded to Harvard Investigators

2011 Lee, Yong-Tae Improving Recovery after Stroke via Electrical Stimulation of Proprioceptors NeuroHealth
2008 Butte, Manish, PhD Development of a Prototype Microfludic Detector Enabling CD4 T Cell Counting in HIV/AIDS Global Health Initiative
2007 Whitesides, George, MD Development of a Prototype Microfluidic Detector Enabling CD4 T Cell Counting in HIV/AIDS Global Health Initiative
2006 Whitesides, George, MD Microfluidic Device for Low-Cost Screening of Newborns for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Global Health Initiative

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