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Founding Consortium Institution: Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory is a Cambridge-based research and development laboratory with a wide range of capabilities including expertise in biomedical engineering.

As one of the four founding members of CIMIT in 1998, Draper Lab has provided engineering expertise for projects ranging from operating room control to image guided therapy for diagnostics and blood systems for tissue engineered artificial organs.

Recent CIMIT-Funded Projects Awarded to Draper Laboratory's Investigators

2012 McLaughlin, Bryan A Multi-sensor Wearable Electro-encephalography (EEG) and Actigraphy System for Ambulatory Seizure Detection Neurotechnology
2010 McLaughlin, Bryan An implantable, wireless electrode derivation for chronic EEG recording in epilepsy Neurotechnology
2005-2007 Bernstein, Jonathan Micro-Mirror Based 3D Endoscopy Minimally Invasive Surgery

Draper Labs

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Draper Labs

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James Comolli, PhDSite Miner

James Comolli, PhD

Site Miner,
Draper Laboratory

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Site Miners are unique to the CIMIT network. They seek out, encourage and engage emerging innovators who show a passion for transforming patient care through technology.

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