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Boston University’s excellence in biomedical engineering has made it invaluable for furthering CIMIT’s efforts in medical device development and engineering in medical environments. BU joined CIMIT’s consortium in 2006, and in 2007, BU and CIMIT started a graduate student engineering fellowship program, which offers multi-year support for graduate engineering students to work in highly innovative yet classically under-funded areas of healthcare research.


Recent CIMIT-Funded Projects Awarded to Boston University Investigators

2012 Unlu, Selim Microchip for Label-free Allergen Test at the PoC POCTRN in Primary Care
2011 Saukkonen, Jussi Low-Cost, Low Maintenance Mechanical Ventilator for Developing World or Mass Casualty Inhalation Technology
2011 Saukkonen, Jussi Development of an interactive, clinical algorithm-driven interoperable smart ventilator. Inhalation Technology / Integrated Clinical Environment
2010 Bigio, Irving, PhD Validation of colon cancer screening by optical sensing of field effect in rectal mucosa Optical Diagnostics
2010 Mazumder, Malay, PhD Electrostatic dry powder inhaler for constant dose respiratory drug delivery Inhalation Technology
2009 Bergethon, Peter, PhD Multi-Optode Probe for Evaluation of Diabetic Neuropathy Neurotechnology
2009 Denis, Gerald, PhD Ultrasound-directed Delivery of Cancer Chemotherapeutic Drugs Image Guided Therapy
2008 Klapperich, Catherine, MD Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Detection and Diagnosis of Avian Influenza Global Health Initiative
2009 Klapperich, Catherine, PhD A Microfluidic System for Monitoring Sepsis at the Point of Care Biodetection & Sepsis Control
2008 Horenstein, Mark, PhD Transdermal Injection of Nano Particles via Electrospray and Pulsed-Field Assist Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
2008 Mertz, Jerome, PhD Hybrid-Illumination Fluorescence Macroscopy with Out-of-Focus Blur Rejection Optical Diagnostics

Boston University

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Boston University

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Mark Grinstaff, PhDSite Miners

Mark Grinstaff, PhD

Site Miner, Boston University
Charles River Campus

George O'Connor, MDGeorge O'Connor, MD

Site Miner, Boston University Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center

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Site Miners are unique to the CIMIT network. They seek out, encourage and engage emerging innovators who show a passion for transforming patient care through technology.

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